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Bifrost Labs, Inc. provides technology related services for virtually any business need. Our success is not always due to what we know, but rather our ability to critically solve the unknown.
Over the past 15 years we have amassed a wide range of services to offer our clients.  From desktop support and server integration to cabling and networking we have become a one stop shop for all IT needs.

  • Server/Desktop Management
    • File and Storage
    • Antivirus and Security
    • Email Management (Exchange, Office365, Gmail)
    • Spam and Virus Scanning Services
    • Email Archiving Solutions for Compliance
    • Mobile Support
    • Remote IT support

  • Comprehensive Network Management
    • Firewall Implementation and Managemen
    • Firewall, Security and VPN Configuration


    • IP and Network Design
    • Mobile User Configuration

  • Cabling and Infrastructure Services
    • Network Cabling Installation and Certification
    • Server Room Cabling, Cabinet and Relay Installation
    • Datacenter Installation and Management
    • Clean Up Existing Cabling Disasters

  • Systems Technology Audit
    • Identify where Your Network is Safe and where it Needs Improvement
    • Comprehensive and Confidential CTO and CEO Reports